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We solve some of the biggest problems along your patient journey - with our easy-to-use and secure app, we aim to improve the quality of healthcare for patients and bring it to a new level, co-developed by doctors.

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Why doctogo

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available everywhere and at any time

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secure & data protection compliant

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time-saving & everything under control

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supports you to stay healthy

The main functions

Health information

Add important information such as
your health insurance card.


Share the necessary health
data with your doctor, quickly and easily,
without losing important time.

Patient dossier

Your health data belongs to you. Save
documents so you have them available
anytime, anywhere.

Medication intake

Keep track of your medication intake
and be actively reminded when you
need to take a medicine.

Doctor appointments

Don't forget your doctor's appointments.
Record your next doctor's appointments
and keep track of them.

Download the doctogo app

The app acts as a digital health companion, helping you to
organize appointments, information and documents.